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Hi! I’m Katiuska. I’m a Venezuelan illustrator. I like to make happy and colorful illustrations for funny or inspiring stories. When I’m not illustrating I like to cook, watch documentaries and play with my cat.Currently looking for representation.

I’m always looking to connect and for new creative opportunities so please do get in touch by emailing me at

Carrot Hunter

This bunny is not like any other bunny, this bunny is a carrot hunter, the best in the whole world! and very soon.... The best in the Universe!

Personal project.
______Este conejito no es como cualquier otro, este conejito es un cazador de zanahoras. ¡El mejor de todo el mundo! y muy pronto... ¡El mejor del Universo!

Proyecto personal.

Hire me!

If you are interested in hiring me or discussing a commission, please feel free to reach out to me through the form below or send an email to katiuska.angeles@gmail.comFREELANCE WORKIf you require an illustration for commercial use, or if your company is interested in hiring me for a large project, please don't hesitate to send me an email so that we can chat!ILLUSTRATION COMMISSIONSAre you in need of an illustrator? Whether you need a portrait, card, or any other project, I am here to help.✦ Icon portrait $25 (one figure/subject with simple details, fully colored, no complex background)
✦ Lines illustration +$40 (just the lines, not colored in)
✦ Portrait / Simple illustration $75-$100 (one figure/subject with simple details, fully colored, no complex background)
✦ Complex illustration $100+ (a fully illustrated scene with multiple figures and a complex background)